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We recognize and value the value and contributions of people of diverse backgrounds and backgrounds and invite all qualified individuals to apply.

**Neon Overview**

The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) is a continental-scale observing facility funded by the National Science Foundation and operated by Battelle. The NEON program aims to collect long-term, publicly available ecological data ( to better understand how ecosystems in the United States are changing, starting with freshwater systems such as .eg streams, rivers and lakes to land systems from tropical forests to deserts and tundra ( We rely on our people to collect observational data and samples, monitor automated instrumentation systems that collect soil and water data, and operate our aerial observation platform that captures remote sensing data on regional landscapes and vegetation.

**Summary of work**

We are currently looking for a **Main Field Technician - Substitute**. This item is in **Tucson, AZ**.

Lead Field Technicians monitor and perform seasonal and periodic sampling of physical, chemical and biological data at one (1) to five (5) locations in the field while maintaining common sense and judgment to interpret protocol requirements. Lead Field Technicians are assigned to one or more areas with primary responsibility for data collection: botany, soils, entomology, mammalogy (except Puerto Rico and Hawaii), limnology (except Hawaii), or instrumentation.

Field observations and data collection are conducted using approximately 30 different protocols and multiple SOPs with varying time requirements based on the local ecosystem and site conditions.

Individuals are responsible for their own housing and transportation to their primary workplace.


From the iconic saguaro cactus stands of the Sonoran to the mesquite thickets of the Chihuahuan, the Desert Southwest (Domain 14) offers a variety of desert and mountain landscapes to explore. Data from the NEON fields will help scientists better understand the impact of human disturbance and climate change on these unique and fragile arid ecosystems. Desert Southwest Domain NEON sites are managed from our office in Tucson, AZ.

**Working environment and physical requirements**

Work includes walking, hiking, prolonged standing, bending and kneeling. Heavy objects, equipment and packages weighing up to 40 pounds must be routinely lifted and moved. Working in the field involves exposure to extremes of temperature, inclement weather, rough and shifting terrain, poisonous plants (eg, ivy, buckthorn), stinging and biting insects, and wild animal hazards. Instrument maintenance involves performing work on instrument towers ranging from 24 to 300 feet in height, which involves climbing and descending several flights of stairs. Off-road driving with four-wheel drive vehicles is required at most field sites.

**Work schedule and travel**

Work schedules are typically 8-10 hours per day, but can sometimes be over 12 hours per day, including split shifts (free in the middle of the day), starting before dawn and/or ending after sunset and weekends depending on the work assignment. The ratio between field work and laboratory work is approx. 75% in the field and 25% in the office and in the laboratory.

Frequent night trips are required (e.g. every six months for 3-4 nights). Transport to distant workplaces and daily allowances are provided during overnight trips.

**Period dates**

Start dates: December 2022-May 2023

Closing dates: November 2023


+ Conduct and monitor field tasks under various conditions (eg weather, terrain, different assigned biomes, etc.).

+ Training for seasonal and temporary field staff.

+ Follow established, standardized field sampling procedures; record sampling data on handheld tablets, computers, etc.; process and send samples.

+ Perform Q/C checks on collected data.

+ Navigate to field sites and sampling sites.

+ Report on activities and work done according to the protocol.

+ Follow safety rules and procedures.

+ Reporting problems with the implementation of procedures and coordinating their resolution.

+ Assist with routine administrative tasks, special projects and other tasks as assigned]

**Key Qualifications**

+ High school exam.

+ Bachelor's degree at higher level in ecology, forestry, environment or a related scientific field.

+ One (1) - two (2) years sampling at an organic site or related experience.

+ Willingness to perform field maintenance and sampling in sparsely populated, remote locations, 1/2 hour to 6 hours from the domain office. Overnight travel, off-trail hiking and urination are typical in most locations.

+ Willingness and ability to work a varied schedule for field operations (up to 12+ hours per day), including double shifts, part-time, early mornings, evenings and weekends.

+ Able to hike off-trail, long distances, rough terrain, remote locations, all weather conditions, carry packs up to 40 pounds. Ability to walk, hike, stand, bend and kneel for extended periods of time.

+ Willingness and ability to learn and perform procedures and methods beyond primary responsibilities.

+ Ability to work on instrument towers from 26 feet to 240 feet and up to 11,000 feet (depending on assigned domain), including the ability to climb and descend multiple stairs.

+ Resistance to fumes, dust and noise. Working in the field may require frequent exposure to toxicodendrons (eg, poison ivy and poison oak), ticks, biting insects, and other natural hazards.

+ Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to follow written and verbal instructions.

**Similar education and experience may be considered. Previous experience within the NEON program will be strongly considered.**

The NEON program will include qualifications for specific and diverse experience in the following areas:

+ Effective problem solving skills and the ability to organize and deliver multiple activities and priorities. Ability to proactively identify and resolve resource conflicts.

+ High level of attention to detail and accuracy

+ Ability to work independently and in a team.

+ Demonstrated optimism in adverse conditions and common sense in identifying, mitigating and avoiding threats.

+ Ability to identify good practices and areas for improvement in team performance.

**Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States. We are unable to sponsor or undertake the sponsorship of any work visa at this time. **

**Employment is subject to background check, drug screening, motor vehicle records check and physical examination. **

**Applicants must have a current and valid state driver's license with an insurable entry to the Department of Motor Vehicles (except parking violations, minor traffic violations) as determined by the Battelle Insurance Company.**


Pay rate: $17.25 - $17.70

This information reflects the expected base salary range for this position based on current national data. Minimum and maximum values ​​may vary by location. Individual remuneration depends on skills, experience and other relevant factors.

**A successful working environment**

For brilliant minds in science, technology, engineering and business, Battelle is the place to do the greatest good, solve humanity's most pressing challenges and create a safer, healthier and more secure world.

You will have the opportunity to thrive in a culture that inspires you to:

+ Apply your talent to ambitious and meaningful projects

+ Receive selected funds to implement ideas in scientific and technological discoveries

+ Collaborate with world-class experts in an inclusive environment

+ Educate and develop the next generation of science leaders

+ Give back and improve our communities

** Vaccinations and Safety Protocols **

_Battelle may require its employees, depending on job responsibilities, workplace and/or requirements of its customers, to follow certain safety protocols and to be vaccinated against various viruses, bacteria and diseases as a condition of employment and continued employment and to provide proof of full vaccinations. Where applicable, Battelle will provide reasonable accommodations based on a qualifying disability or medical condition under the U.S. Disability Act or the Rehabilitation Act, or for sincerely held religious beliefs under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (and related state laws). _

_Battelle is an equal opportunity employer. We offer employment and promotion opportunities, compensation, training and development in accordance with individual merit, regardless of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, age, disability with genetic information, veteran - or military status or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local law. Our goal is that each employee has the opportunity to develop to their limits and achieve personal and organizational goals. We will support positive programs for the equal treatment of all employees and the full use of all skilled workers at all levels of Battelle._

The above statements are intended to describe the nature and level of work performed by individuals associated with this position. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, activities and skills required of employees. **No statement in this document is intended to imply any authority against Battelle unless specifically authorized by Battelle's Legal Department in writing.**

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