Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (2023)

Impacto Genshinis an engaging game that emphasizes teamwork and tactical play. Each team of four characters has a unique set of roles, with damage dealers and healers generally receiving the most praise from the community. However, support characters are often overlooked and considered mediocre, but they are essential to a team's success, providing the lifeline for damage dealers to maximize their output and pack more of an impact than some players can imagine.

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Generally speaking, a support character inImpacto Genshinis anyone who plays a role other than DPS or healer. These roles include providing healing, buffing, buff reduction, crowd control, battery, protection, and enable, although he is not present on the battlefield most of the time.

20 Niche Support Characters: Sara, Gorou, Shenhe, Faruzan

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (1)

Since the release of Sara, the first supporting character specializing in amplifying the power of a single element,Impacto Genshinit followed with more support characters that are only truly effective when used on teams focused on the damage of a specific element. The game currently offers support characters Sara (4-star Electro), Gorou (4-star Geo), Faruzan (4-star Anemo), and Shenhe (5-star Crio), all of which require their respective items to be present. within the team for their support capabilities to be effective.

Another drawback to these specialized support characters is that, in order to compete with more generic support characters, they requireconstellations, which can be more difficult to obtain for certain characters, like Shenhe. While these characters can provide a significant boost to a team if used correctly, their lack of versatility is why they aren't as popular as other support characters.

19 Xiangling

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (2)
  • Rarity:4 Star Polearm User
  • Element:I note
  • Support Type:Enable, attack buff

It's hard to categorize Xiangling as a traditional support character, as her Pyro application makes her better suited to act as a sub-DPS. Her consistent application of her Pyro allows her to easily enable fusion and vaporization reactions outside of the field, which can be very beneficial in many team compositions. In Ascension 4, Gouba will drop a Chili Pepper after disappearing. This Chili Pepper will provide a 10% increase to the character's attack damage, giving a small but welcome boost to whoever picks it up.

Xiangling's constellations can be a huge advantage for Pyro DPS units, as her first constellation reduces enemies' Pyro Resistance by 15% when hit by Guoba, and her sixth constellation increases characters' Pyro DMG by 15%. 15% for the duration of his Elemental Burst. fired. Since Xiangling's most valuable ability is his burst, it is recommended that players focus on his energy recharge values, such as a lowThe energy recharge will make it difficult to maintain your Burstconsistently due to its high energy cost.

18 Tomás

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (3)
  • Rarity:4 Star Polearm User
  • Element:I note
  • Support Type:Protect, Enable, Increase Attack

Like Xiangling, Thoma also uses Pyro polearms, but his damage scaling isn't as impressive as Xiangling's. However, Thoma makes up for this with the strong shields he can provide with his elemental and burst abilities, which are especially effective against Pyro enemies. Furthermore, his popularity has grown even further due to his ability to trigger Burgeon's reaction, something Xiangling struggles to do due to his rapid application of fireworks.

However, Thoma's most powerful support ability is unlocked when players reach his sixth constellation. When his shield activates or is enhanced by his Elemental or Burst Ability, Thoma provides a significant boost to the party's Normal, Charged, and Dive Attack damage. Despite having a high energy cost for his Elemental Burst, Thoma is relatively easy to build, as his shield only scales with HP. To further increase the team's DPS and shield strength, Thoma is also an ideal candidate to equip Tenacity of the Millelith.

17 yun jin

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (4)
  • Rarity:4 Star Polearm User
  • Element:geo
  • Support Type:Attack increased, Armor

Yun Jin is a highly versatile geographic support character designed to power up the party's normal attacks with his elemental blast. His fourth ascension unlocks a passive that increases his DEF stat, based on the number of different elemental characters present in the party when he casts his Elemental Blast. This makes her an invaluable asset to any team composition.

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Besides,The constellations of Yun Jinthey are generally beneficial to the party. His second constellation provides an additional normal attack DMG boost, while his sixth constellation unlocks his potential as one of the best normal attack buffers in the game, providing an attack speed buff rarely seen inImpacto Genshinand applies to all party members.

sixteen rosario

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (5)
  • Rarity:4 Star Polearm User
  • Element:cry
  • Support Type:Critical rate increasemaking it possible

Rosaria is an excellent Sub-DPS Cryo character, capable of dealing immense damage while also providing a powerful and unique buff to the team. When built correctly and used with a well-coordinated team, Rosaria can offer a constant 15% increased critical rate to other party members and a constant application of Cryo to allow for elemental reactions with her Elemental Burst. The second constellation of her provides a significant boost to her abilities as a sub-DPS and support, while the sixth constellation of her is an invaluable asset to physical teams, as it lowers enemies' physical RES if players have lucky to unlock it.

If playing on a team with no other Cryo users, players need to focus considerably on recharging energy in order to constantly maintain the Crit Buff and Cryo app. Otherwise, it can be built similar to DPS characters. His elemental ability can also be beneficial in some situations for crowd control, providing an opportunity to bridge the gap between the party and the enemy, although it doesn't work against larger enemies and bosses.

15 albedo

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (6)
  • Rarity:5 star sword user
  • Element:geo
  • Support Type:Elemental Mastery Increase, Protection

Albedo's extremely short cooldown on her elemental ability grants her an excellent zone AoE, making her an ideal sub-DPS for Geo DMGs off the field. Additionally, each AoE zone range can help form shields with crystallization reactions when used with a Pyro, Cryo, Electro, or Hydro user. The most unique aspect of Albedo's Crystallize generation is that it doesn't remove the applied element when doing so, which means it doesn't interrupt other possible elemental reactions.

Additionally, Albedo's 4th Ascension passive, which increases the team's Elemental Mastery by 125 after using her Elemental Burst, could be a great addition to many teams. Additionally, due to her easy build and DEF scaling, Albedo can also be a great addition to support a geo-focused team with Gorou and Itto.

14 The Traveler (Dendro)

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (7)
  • Rarity:5 star sword user
  • Element:Tradeable, (Dendro)
  • Support Type:Elemental Mastery Increase, Empowerment

The Traveler is currently the only character in the game that can have different talents depending on the Element chosen by the players. Currently, the Traveler can be equipped with the Anemo, Geo, Electro, and Dendro items. While all items are designed to provide support, Anemo, Geo, and Electro are easily overshadowed by other characters' abilities. Because of this, players looking to get Traveler on their team should ideally focus on her Dendro abilities, which are quite significant for Dendro's elemental reactions. This can make Traveler a viable sub-DPS in Dendro Team compositions.

Dendro Traveler has impressive Dendro damage off the field and application potential due to its Elemental Burst, which summons a Lea Lotus Lamp that deals constant Dendro Damage. This lamp can change properties when it comes into contact with Hydro, Electro or Pyro elements. Hydro is recommended for Bloom teams, while Electro is ideal for Aggravate, Spread, and Hyperbloom teams due to its increased attack speed and increased application of Dendro. As the Traveler's Constellations increase, more support tools are unlocked, such as the Elemental Mastery perk for the entire team. Although it is a long process, obtaining the Voyager constellations is free, so it is highly recommended that players take advantage of them. For players who want to spend their time exploring, at least getting the fourth constellation is still pretty advantageous.

13 mona

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (8)
  • Rarity:5 Star Catalyst User
  • Element:Agua
  • Support Type:Habilitation, DMG Buff, Crowd Control

Players who follow closelyImpacto GenshinFor a long time, you've probably noticed that Mona has become a popular choice for top-tier Burst DPS builds. This is due to his Elemental Burst ability, which amplifies elemental DMG when used at the right time. Mona's Burst ability creates a debuff bubble that not only traps enemies, but also amplifies the damage dealt to them and deals an additional burst of Hydro damage when the bubble bursts. This Hydro Blast can be used to trigger powerful elemental reactions, such as melt or vaporize, dealing large amounts of damage. Additionally, Mona's first Constellation, which is relatively easy to obtain since she is a standard 5-star character, provides a significant buff to her support capabilities for Elemental Reaction-based teams.

Along with her Elemental Burst, Mona was the first scout character to feature an alternate sprint, which makes water travel much faster and allows for a unique movement style for high-speed actions. Her elemental ability allows for easy application of Hydro, which is best suited for Freeze teams, and this ability also has additional crowd control capabilities, as she summons a lure that taunts enemies.

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12 ventilation

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (9)
  • Rarity:5 star arc user
  • Element:Here we are
  • Support Type:Crowd control, battery, debuffer (via 4p Viridescent Venerer)

Crowd control makes it a fair niche of support skills. However, Venti shows the strength of this particular ability. Overall, Venti is one of the best supporting characters inImpacto Genshinwhen it comes to crowd control. Venti's Elemental Burst absorbs opponents and an ability that launches them into the air, constantly dealing Anemo damage. While this ability is less effective against larger and more mobile enemies, it can still be used effectively on melee teams that would otherwise have a hard time hitting the enemy, as it can be used to rally them without launching them into the air.

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If built correctly, Venti can be an excellent battery and sub-DPS, especially if players have some of her constellations unlocked. As with other Anemo user support characters, Venti can take advantage of the Viridescent Venerer artifact set, which not only increases whirlwind damage, but also reduces the opponent's elemental RES for the whirlpool-infused element by 40. % for 10s. This means that while it's tough against self-infused enemies, if your burst is infused with the right item it can significantly increase the damage output of the party's main DPS.

11 kokomi

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (10)
  • Rarity:5 Star Catalyst User
  • Element:Agua
  • Support Type:Habilitation, Healing

Interestingly, while Sangonomiya Kokomi doesn't easily apply as an offensive character in any capacity, she's almost too natural to be one of the best healers and supports inImpacto Genshinwhich gained additional popularity thanks to Dendro-related reactions. His elemental ability creates a "bake-kurage" that automatically applies Hydro-based status conditions (just like Mona's ghosts). However, the twist is that Kokomi also includes healing abilities and an increase in "bake-kurage" strength with her elemental blast.

As Kokomi is able to heal, damage, and apply Hydro to allow for elemental reactions off the field at the same time, she can be considered a versatile character who can fill many roles in a team composition. He is best suited for Bloom and Hyperbloom teams, as she will be able to heal the character that takes damage from the Dendro Core blast with ease.

10 what does it say

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (11)
  • Rarity:4 star arc user
  • Element:cry
  • Support Type:Armor, Heal, Battery, Habilitation

Diona is widely known as a healer, thanks to her Elemental Burst, but she also brings some unique advantages to the team. Applying her Cryo from her isn't as powerful as many other triggers, but the heal zone from her AoE from her also applies Cryo at intervals. Besides,Diona's Elemental Abilityhe is extremely useful, generating a shield and energy particles that make him a formidable battery for the team.

Additionally, if her sixth constellation is unlocked, Diona can be an invaluable asset to teams that rely on elemental reactions and high elemental mastery. His sixth constellation will not only allow his Elemental Burst to heal, but will also grant all party members additional Elemental Mastery, greatly increasing their damage output.

9 yaoyao

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (12)
  • Rarity:4 Star Polearm User
  • Element:Suave
  • Support Type:Heal, Battery, Enable

Yaoyao, the highly anticipated first Dendro Healer inImpacto Genshin, it was finally made playable in patch 3.4. Her unique skill set offers healing both on and off the field, making her one of the most powerful healers in the game. To maximize her utility as a support character, players should strategically place their White Jade Radishes to ensure the most effective Dendro application and reactions for her team, as she can have significant Dendro application resources if she it is well positioned.

Yaoyao is a relatively simple character to build and offers immense support value. Players should focus on HP%, Energy Recharge, and Elemental Mastery when building her, and if they're lucky, unlock her first constellation to maximize her healing and particle output, as well as amplify Dendro Damage anddendro reactions. Other constellations will add even more healing and utility to the team.

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8 Raiden Shogun

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (13)
  • Rarity:5 star polearm user
  • Element:electro
  • Support Type:Battery, Enabling

As Electro Archon Raiden Shogun brings a wide range of abilities focused on Electro's power, she is also the best energy regeneration support in the game. Raiden can be placed in any team composition that needs an Electro item, a Sub-DPS burst unit, and a support unit that can help recharge the team's elemental burst. Thanks to her unique abilities and her skill set, Raiden Shogun is one of the most versatile characters in the game, making him one of the best characters to get.

His elemental ability is extremely valuable for allowing elemental reactions, as it provides a constant electrical application off the field, while also providing a buff that can increase the party's elemental burst damage. Meanwhile, his Elemental Burst is also incredibly powerful, allowing it to be used as a Burst-DPS, especially when used after other Elemental Bursts. After the initial burst damage, if players prefer to keep Raiden on the field and keep attacking with electro-infused attacks, she can also help generate energy for herself and other party members during this time.

7 Zhongli

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (14)
  • Rarity:5 star polearm user
  • Element:geo
  • Support Type:Armor, Debuffing, Crowd Control

Zhongli is a five-star character known for offering a unique shield, and just like the Geo Archon, this ability is truly remarkable. Objectively speaking, Zhongli shields are the strongest inImpacto Genshinwith 150% base damage absorption against all physical and elemental damage, to the point where players don't even need a healer on their team if they have a well built Zhongli. He can also fit into any team composition with ease.

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Characters protected by Zhongli's Jade Shield will reduce opponents' Elemental RES and Physical RES in a small AoE by 20%, providing a significant offensive boost. His Elemental Burst is also incredibly powerful, with considerable AoE and enemies that temporarily petrify. No other character can match the strength and duration of Zhongli's shield, along with the added benefits it provides.

6 yelán

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (15)
  • Rarity:5 star arc user
  • Element:Agua
  • Support Type:making it possible

Yelan is an incredibly versatile character, capable of both sub-DPS and support roles. His elemental ability is also a form of fast dash, allowing them to traverse the game world with ease while exploring. In addition, the ability also spawns a Hydro-infused rope, which Yelan can use to trap enemies for massive damage.

In general, her abilities are very useful to supplement the downtime of key DPS characters, making her a great unit for a variety of team compositions. Her Elemental Burst is particularly notable, as she deals massive Hydro DMG when used in combination with an active character's normal attack and constantly applies Hydro app. She is especially effective on Vaporize and Bloom teams.

5 saccharose

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (16)
  • Rarity:Catalyst-user 4 stars
  • Element:Here we are
  • Support Type:Elemental Mastery Increase, Crowd Control

Sucrose is an invaluable Anemo user for any team. In the first days ofImpacto Genshin, she was often used in conjunction with Mona, to display significant DPS numbers. Thanks to its powerful benefits, like increasing elemental mastery, it's been a great addition to any party. Her Elemental Burst is a powerful AoE attack that draws enemies in, and she is particularly adept at creating elemental reactions, as her charged ability can hit multiple enemies multiple times for increased damage.

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(Video) BEST SUPPORTS TO USE IN PATCH 1.6! Strongest Support Characters You Should Build | Genshin Impact

For players looking for an Anemo support character, Sucrose is a great free option, especially for those without Venti or Kazuha. However, players should be aware that infusing an element with their Elemental Blast can be challenging and also comes at a fairly high energy cost. Also, its pooling capabilities are not as good as Venti's. Despite this, Sucrose is still one of the best support characters inImpacto Genshin.

4 bennet

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (17)
  • Rarity:4 star sword user
  • Element:I note
  • Support Type:ATK Increase, Heal

Bennett is widely considered to be one of the most powerful supporting characters in the story.Impacto Genshin, thanks to his exceptional healing abilities and his ability to significantly increase the ATK value of his team members. It is also quite easy to build and even without much effort in its construction, it offers benefits that cannot be found with any other healer.

Due to recent changes and the introduction of new characters, Bennett's popularity still saw a slight decline among other supporting characters. While Bennett doesn't have much of a Pyro app, assuming players haven't activated the 6th Constellation on him, he can still interrupt the Elemental Reaction build. Also, the ATK buff isn't as viable as it used to be due to the recent introduction of characters with higher HP or Elemental Mastery than ATK. Despite this, Bennett is still a viable character in the current meta, just not as versatile as the others.

3 Xingqiu

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (18)
  • Rarity:4 star sword user
  • Element:Agua
  • Support Type:Skill, Damage Reduction, Healing, Battery

Bookworm Xingqiu is one of the best supporting characters, rivaling Yelan in many ways. His Elemental Burst creates a barrage of blades around the character, providing a constant application of Hydro even when he's out of range. This makes Xingqiu an invaluable asset to any team.

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Also, what makes Xingqiu different from Yelan and a better support is her elemental ability, which provides damage reduction as long as the active character has at least one Rain Blade left. Xingqiu's Elemental Skill also provides multiple Elemental Particles, and when he is equipped with the Sword of Sacrifice, he can be a good source of Energy generation. Additionally, Xingqiu has a small amount of healing tied to his first ascension passive, in which the active character will receive a small amount of healing based on a percentage of Xingqiu's HP and remaining Rain Blades.

2 nahida

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (19)
  • Rarity:5 Star Catalyst User
  • Element:Suave
  • Support Type:polish, enable

There's no doubt that Nahida, as Dendro Archon, is an exceptional support, just as impressive as the other Archons, if not better. Her mastery of the Dendro application is second to none, as she is a Catalyst user and can consistently perform Dendro-infused attacks. His remarkable ability to activate the Dendro app off the field without an ICD makes him an invaluable asset to any team composition dedicated to a Dendro reaction. Her competence in this area is unrivaled and highly sought after.

At first, Nahida's Elemental Burst might not seem that strong, but thatwill be an error. His Elemental Burst is a great way to boost his damage and that of his allies. It has a large area of ​​effect and lasts for a long time, making it one of the best Elemental Bursts inImpacto Genshin. All of this makes Nahida a great supporting character.

1 Kazuha

Genshin Impact: Top 20 Support Characters and How to Use Them (20)
  • Rarity:5 star sword user
  • Element:Here we are
  • Support Type:Buffing, enabling, crowd control

When it comes to support abilities, Kazuha is highly sought after.Impacto Genshindue to the immense utility it provides. It can complement almost any team composition and is a huge advantage for teams using elemental reactions. His elemental ability also offers decent crowd control, rallying even the largest of enemies, something Venti can't do. His Elemental Burst has a medium energy cost, but grants a substantial boost to party elemental damage.


Overall, Kazuha is a very versatile character, withsome weaknesses,making it one ofbest supporting charactersI do not play. It can be easily built and its exceptional utility makes it an ideal addition to any team.

Impacto Genshinis now available on mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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