Oilfield Jobs: Complete Guide to Oilfield Jobs (2023)

Are you looking forward to work extracting oil in an oil field? This is a place where oil is extracted from underground, done by professionals. The interesting part is that it can also be done in the ocean and for a long time.

It is a very versatile job and a lucrative career. If you're looking forward to working in the oil field, you'll need to learn more. After that, you can decide whether or not it will be a suitable career choice for you.

This article will provide you with a complete guide to getting one.oil field workand how many doors of opportunity it will open for you if you choose it as a career.

So without further ado, let's dive in and discuss this!

What is an oil field?

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An oil field is where crude oil is extracted from the ground or the ocean. These fields occupy a large amount of space, but it mainly depends on the size of the reservoir below the drilling field. All you have to do is locate the removable oil area.

After that, an oil field is created in that area and experts use their expertise to extract the oil. The oil industry is very profitable and has a lot of potential andHigh-paying opportunities for oilfield workers..

All types of professionals are needed in an oil field, from workers such as engineers and oil drillers to crude oil extractors.

Oil Field Divisions

The oilfield industry is divided into three sections which include the following:

1- amount

It is associated with finding out where crude oil is and producing it.

2- Half way

This area is associated with transporting crude oil from one place to another. It also includes different ways of transporting crude oil to other destinations.

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3- Downstream

Downstream is understood as the part where crude oil is refined. This process also includes the marketing and branding of crude oil and, subsequently, its sale. In this step, the distribution of crude oil in a specific proportion is also determined.

Is it difficult to work in the oil fields?

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The direct answer to this question is yes.Lifetime of the oil fieldit's really tiring and challenging. It's because the working conditions are callous and demanding.

There is a lot of physical labor involved in oil field work, and most people have to work twelve hours a day when working in the oil field.

Do you want to know how to work in the oil field? There is no doubt that the oil industry is very demanding and not for the faint of heart. But if you're passionate and hardworking enough, you'll be able to get through the night shifts.

It will be a tricky course for you when you are at an entry level. But once you get promoted to a better position, you won't have to work as hard.

What oil field jobs offer opportunities?

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Working in the oil industry in the oil field is a very lucrative career. It has many opportunities for different types of people. The best part of this industry is that you can join this industry whether you have an engineering degree or you are just a hard worker looking to lift some heavy objects and earn some money.

The oilfield has something for everyone, and if you are passionate and hardworking, you are sure to succeed.

So looking for alooking for a job in the oil industry? Let's take a look at the oilfield job description and oilfield salary below.

1- Torrista

Derrick Hands is responsible for assisting with oil drilling. His job description includes working on a drilling rig. If you join this position, you will be responsible for manipulating pipes and going up to the underground shaft.

This is a very challenging task because you also have to work with hydraulic systems. To work with hydraulic systems, one must have a good understanding of all the equipment and parts involved in carrying out the work. here is onetower hand workif you are looking for a job in this field.

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In addition, they are also responsible for maintaining drilling safety when working in the oil field. In general, they earn a good amount of money per year. If you want to pursue a career like Derrick Hand but don't know much about the field, read our full blog athow to become a crook.

National average salary:$44,000 more per year

2- Perforator

If you want to know what is the role of an oil driller andhow to become an oil drillerLet us tell you what it's like to be a piercer. Drillers are responsible for completing all drilling tasks in the oil field. They need to be aware of safety protocols when they are working. This is one of the entry-level jobs in the oil and gas industry and you can easily start your career as an oil driller. If you are looking for a job in this field, here is oneDrill Job in Calgary.

National average salary:$48,000 more per year

3- Ground hand

Shop floor workers are in charge of preparing and cleaning up oilfield raids. They also perform roles assigned to them by senior team members. FORbecome a ground handYou will need to have a degree or diploma, a driver's license and some experience working on a land platform. If you are looking for a job in this field, here is oneFloor Helper Job in Albertafor you to apply.

National average salary:$49,000 more per year

4- Process operator

A Process Operator is responsible for ensuring that all equipment is working properly. If you are looking for a job in this field, here is oneProcess Operator Work in Calgary.

National average salary:$53,000 more per year

5- Oil from the oil field

They are responsible for transporting equipment and tools and cleaning the oil rig. If you are looking for a job in this field, here is oneWorker job in Alberta.

National average salary:$63,000 more per year

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6- Chemical Engineer

They define the use of natural resources and gases in the oil field.

National average salary:$63,000 more per year

7- Petroleum Geologist

Petroleum geologists work with hydrocarbon fuels extracted in the oil mine.

National average salary:$70,000 a year

8- Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are responsible for finding the location of hydrocarbon deposits in the oil field. If you want to learn more about the field of petroleum engineering, read our separate guide onIs petroleum engineering a good career?.

National average salary:$76,000 a year

9- Piping engineer

They are responsible for creating a strategy for how they will be transported and extracted.

National average salary:$160,000 more per year

10- Oil and Gas Lawyer

These professionals are responsible for managing property and mining rights.

National average salary:$118,000 more per year

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11- Oil and Gas Regulation Inspector

They ensure compliance with legislation associated with land use planning.

National average salary:$46,000 more per year

How do I get a job in the oil fields?

you are wonderingHow to get a job in the oil field?You can get a job in the oil field by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Enroll in a trade school
  2. be in good physical shape
  3. Find a suitable location
  4. Make connections with professionals and field workers.
  5. Have an understanding of working in the oil field.

Which oil field jobs pay the best?

HeHigher paying oil field jobsinclude:

  1. Chemical engineer
  2. Petroleum Geologist
  3. gas plant operator
  4. well tester
  5. human resources consultant


If you want to work in the oil field, you will need skills and professionalism. Different types of professionals work in the oil field, including engineers and laborers. Thinking about what oil field workers do? They combine their experience and knowledge to extract crude oil from land or ocean.

It's a challenging career choice, but without a doubt, working in the oil fields is very lucrative. You can make a lot of money by learning how to work in an oil field. If it suits your skills and experience, you're good to go.

We discuss everything you need to know about aoil field workand how to get a job in the oil field. Good luck in your future endeavors.


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The Primus Workforce team proudly draws on practical knowledge and industry experience.

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