Should I get Honda roadside assistance? (2023)

Find out how to get Honda Roadside Assistance, what Honda includes in its program and, alternatively, what CARCHEX offers customers.

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Car failure never happens at a convenient time or in a convenient place. Paying a tow truck and negotiating with a mechanic makes the situation even more difficult. But with roadside assistance, the process can be made much easier.

Find out how to get Honda Roadside Assistance, what Honda includes in its program and, alternatively, what CARCHEX offers customers.

If you are purchasing an extended warranty that includes roadside assistance, get a free personalized quote by calling866-261-3457or filling out the online form.

How do you get Honda Roadside Assistance?

Almost all car warranties and extended warranties come with some form of roadside assistance coverage as well as trip interruption coverage. Depending on the provider or manufacturer, you may also receive additional concierge services.

You can get roadside assistance from Honda through yournew car warranty, through an extended warranty or as a service independent of the manufacturer or external company. Honda offers roadside assistance benefits during the 36-month/36,000-mile limited new car warranty through itsextended warranty service, and as a separate product.

You can also get similar benefits through a third-party company such as CARCHEX. CARCHEX offers emergency services and additional benefits that can help you when you are in trouble. These benefits are included in your vehicle service contract or separately at an affordable price.

What are the services covered by Honda Roadside Assistance?

Honda providesRoadside assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekthat you can use anywhere in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Assistance is available through two toll-free numbers: one for regular vehicles and one for Clarity electric and fuel cell vehicles.

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  • winch
  • lock service
  • accidental towing
  • battery start
  • change of puncture
  • fuel delivery
  • mechanical trailer

Towing services transport you to the nearest Honda dealership.

If your vehicle needs major repairs and needs to stay in the shop, you will likely need a rental car. Or, if you're away from home, you may also need to stay in a hotel. Honda offers travel interruption reimbursement for reasonable room, board, and transportation expenses that can help you make ends meet while the mechanic works on your vehicle.

Trip interruption coverage includes:

  • Help securing a rental car or taxi upon request
  • Help finding emergency hotel reservations upon request
  • Up to $100 per day for 3 days ($300 total) cashback

To use trip interruption benefits, your vehicle must be disabled at least 100 miles from where you live.

In addition to Roadside Assistance and Trip Interruption coverage, Honda's Roadside Assistance program includes the following services:

  • Get access to flight information including schedules and fares.
  • Broadcast messages to your spouse, employer or emergency contact during an emergency.
  • Improved directory assistance helps you find ATMs, banks and gas stations. Honda Roadside Assistance can provide phone numbers, addresses and directions.

Some expenses may be your responsibility, such as the cost of fuel, a new tire or a portion of transport costs. Remember to ask your Honda dealer to identify costs that Roadside Assistance does not cover.

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How to continue your Honda road coverage

Your factory warranty has expired and you no longer have roadside assistance. What happens next? Honda has many awards and positive reviews for its technology and design, but this toocome at the expense of vehicle reliability. For example, some Honda vehicles, including the Honda Odyssey, have reported engine, transmission, and electronics issues, including stalling issues. These common problems can lead to expensive repairs and even more expensive breakdowns.

An extended warranty can provide coverage similar to a factory warranty, and even better, most extended warranties include roadside assistance.

Honda Extended Warranty Roadside Assistance

Honda offers roadside assistance through itsHonda Care Sentinel and Sentinel PlusSoftwarehonda carehas a variety of extended service contracts for new and used vehicles, but some on-the-road benefits are only included in Sentinel Plus plans.

On-the-road benefits include those mentioned above within the factory warranty, as well as additional concierge services such as:

  • emergency cash advance
  • Emergency assistance for airline tickets
  • Insurance claims assistance
  • Automatic glass replacement reference
  • Shipping of Replacement Personal Items

Sentinel Plus customers will also receive car rental reimbursement of up to $35 for up to six days.

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If you want to cover more than one Honda vehicle, you can opt for the Honda Family Plan, which allows road coverage for up to five Honda or Acura vehicles or motorcycles registered in the same household.

Honda's roadside assistance terms depend on the terms of your contract.

Be prepared with CARCHEX roadside assistance

Heroadside assistance costit can be upwards of $100 a year. With CARCHEX Roadside Assistance, you can get 24/7 roadside assistance included in your extended warranty or for just $59.95 a year.

With an average response time of just 30 minutes, you won't have to wait long in an emergency. CARCHEX has more than 45,000 service trucks in the United States and Canada. You can find tranquility close to home or far away.

The CARCHEX Roadside Assistance program has similar benefits to the Honda Roadside Assistance program.


  • 24 hour emergency towing up to 25 miles 5 times a year
  • Mechanical first aid for minor adjustments (parts not included)
  • Customized travel routes with a fully prepared map
  • Emergency battery booster service
  • Locksmith service or key loss
  • Access to mobile apps for ease and convenience
  • 24-hour flat tire service in the US and Canada
  • 24-hour emergency fuel supply
  • A $500 theft reward for information leading to an arrest or conviction

Get vehicle component coverage for even greater protection

If you're concerned about a breakdown, chances are you're also concerned about the cost of major repairs to your vehicle. With an extended warranty, you can get CARCHEX roadside assistance with even more benefits like trip interruption. Roadside services last for the duration of the vehicle's service contract, which can be up to 10 years.

Choose from five levels of coverage, ranging from powertrain to full-service contracts. Every plan includes roadside assistance, plus the relief of knowing you won't have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for engine, suspension or electronics repairs. The plans are affordable and can bePaid through a monthly payment plan.

Under our CARCHEX Care sample agreement, you can expect reimbursements such as:

  • Up to $100 towing service reimbursement for each incident
  • Up to $50 per incident for locksmith service
  • Up to $320 on Substitute Transportation ($40 per day)
  • Up to $300 in trip interruption coverage ($100 per day)

Talk to your CARCHEX specialist to learn more about the price ranges and limitations of each plan.

With a no-haggle everyday low price guarantee, 30-day money-back guarantee, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can trust us for a low-cost extended warranty.

Get my free quote 866-261-3457

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That's why you'll love roadside assistance with CARCHEX

Heaverage cost of a rental carfor companies ranges from US$ 29 to US$ 38 per day. Towing service cancosts $125 or more. But with Roadside Assistance for your Honda from CARCHEX, you can save money on these services or not have to pay for them at all.

Roadside assistance helps you resolve the issue quickly and safely. You will always have access to a professional, no matter where you are in the country.

Choose the benefits on the road with an extended warranty and get all the extra benefits that come with a CARCHEX extended warranty:

  • Affordable monthly payment plans
  • Daily Low Price No Haggle Guarantee™
  • Transferable and cancelable plans
  • A network of over 30,000 repair facilities
  • Low deductibles or no deductibles

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With more than 20 years of service to the sector, CARCHEX has consistently higher rates than its competitors in terms of customer satisfaction. Hebest business officegives us an A+ rating. We are also endorsed by auto industry peers including CARFAX, Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book,, SiriusXM and more.

When you buy an extended warranty, we take care of your vehicle from the moment it stops working until you pick it up at the store. Fill out the form or call866-261-3457for a CARCHEX automotive warranty and insurance specialist to answer your questions and get a free custom quote today.

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