Top 5 workplace safety tips from industry experts (2023)

Workplace Safety Tips – You've heard a lot of these by now, and they've probably told you what you know or are already doing. Although this topic has been discussed many times, workplace security should not be taken lightly, especially by executives.

in fact ourcurrent research in partnership with YouGovfound that one in five (20%) frontline workers said they had suffered a workplace injury due to poor process or communication, while one in four (25%) knew a colleague who had. made.

Top 5 workplace safety tips from industry experts (1)

So what is job security?

It is a discipline that affects the safety, health and welfare of employees and the public.

There is a common saying that “a safe workplace is an efficient workplace”. This couldn't be more true, as security not only improves employee morale, but also affects productivity. Why this? Because workplace safety is not just about emergency procedures, first aid, protective measures and PPE. This also includes strategies like maintenance, safe work practices, and training, which ultimately affect performance.

  1. Never trust the safety of your workplace
  2. Consider the lesser-known “cost of unsafe jobs”
  3. Embrace workplace safety as an ethical responsibility
  4. Show how important workplace safety is to you every day

We interviewed experts from all industries and compiled their advice into 5 workplace safety tips:

Top 5 workplace safety tips from industry experts (2)

1.Never trust the safety of your workplace

Every 7 seconds, a worker is injured on the job.

Attorney Brett Holubeck Practices Employment Law in TexasAlaniz Lawyers and Associates. He shared startling numbers about the state of worker safety in the US.

"on average yesMore than 14 deaths every day. These numbers represent real people whose lives and the lives of their families have been changed, sometimes forever."

Holubeck also operates theTexas Employment Law Blogto help businesses solve common workplace problems. we asked him“Who do you think should have taken responsibility if there was an injury, incident, or death on the job: workers or management? Because?"

He said it depends on the nature of the incident, but in his experience, companies should take more responsibility for workplace safety. he continued

“If a worker causes an accident and is responsible for the accident, then he must take some responsibility. Sometimes a worker is not following proper procedure, is drunk or high, or is simply careless and causes an incident that results in injury or death. the company isstill responsiblein these situations and liable for injury or death. sometimes the companydid not do enoughin these situations to prevent incidents such as B. Lack of training of supervisors and employees to recognize signs of deterioration”.

(Video) Safety Attitudes at Work

In other cases where the company is at fault, Holubeck said the company may not have inspected equipment as required to make sure it was in good condition, failed to properly train employees, or was outdated or had an improper procedure.

Even if the workplace injury or death is entirely an accident and no one is directly responsible, the company may still be liable for insurance purposes.

What is one of your workplace safety tips for management?

Review each incident carefully to determine how to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future.You can start by going throughThe 6 Most Overlooked Safety Practices in the Workplace.

Support your assumptions with data. WearSafety Inspection ChecklistsTeams can easily report threats and security issues. The data from these reports can be useful as it gives you a better picture of how security is being managed in your workplace. You can greatly improve your workplace safety programs and ensure a healthy environment for your employees.

Top 5 workplace safety tips from industry experts (3)

Download the full report

2.Consider the lesser-known “cost of unsafe jobs”

Of course, you know how costly workplace injuries and deaths can be to a business, but there are other fundamental implications of cultivating unsafe working conditions.“Unsafe Workplace Costs”are the avoidable costs that businesses face when they allow their workplace to be unsafe.

(Video) Workplace Safety - Safety at Work - Tips on Workplace Safety

Andrew Blasi is director ofCrowell and Moring InternationalHeadquartered in Washington, DC – a leading international trade and regulatory affairs consultancy. he shared

“Companies that do not offer their employees safe working conditions areless sustainable in a global market. Your clients will turn to the competition, as will your most talented employees in search of secure employment.”

Holubeck agreed that companies don't take security seriously.will not growsame as companies that value security andfail toat a higher price.

Nobody wants to work for a company they don't feel safe with.

You can find more tips on safety at work from Blasi herelow, But for now,english shuttersSecurity manager Sam Thomas revealedthe most acute and long-term effects of workplace injuries and deaths. He explained,

“They are often very difficult to quantify beyond the obvious and are often related to the mental health of the employees involved; those who witnessed it, those who tried to help with the aftermath, and those who could have possibly prevented it.Debt,survivor's guilt, it is includedexpectedSerious workplace incidents and injuries have been reported after, and in some cases can make those close to the incident feel unable to return to their respective jobs, or even change their careers entirely.”

If you need more reasonsWhy mental health should be on your workplace agenda,then go here. HeEmphasis on employee terms of occupational safety will continue to increase since it became a trend in 2017.

In addition, Thomas said that a reputation for creating, or failing to prevent, a dangerous work environment will naturally have a knock-on effect that could cause themproblems with recruitment, Lead tolocal community hostility, and bad businesses are suffering in more tangible ways, such asInsurance premiums and liability insurance.

Holubeck added,“An injury or death is very expensive for any 2017, the median cost of a work-related injury requiring medical consultation was $39,000 and the cost per death was $1,150,000.”You can be sure that these costs have already increased, so you should be aware of them.Types of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses that Qualify for Workers' CompensationThe sensation can help you stay alert.

He recalled his experience“There are some companies that are circumventing the law and not giving employee safety the priority it deserves. These companies ultimately get into trouble that could have been avoided.”

3. Embrace workplace safety as an ethical responsibility

We ask the experts"Is safety at work an ethical responsibility or a bureaucratic activity?"

Blasi, who supports many of the world's leading public-private partnerships to strengthen ethical business practices, responded:"It's aethical responsibilityfor all companies, public or private, large or small, based in developed or emerging countries, to ensure that their employees work in a safe environment. Compliance with the law can make workplace safety a legal responsibility for employers whomore overlaysethical responsibility.”

(Video) Toby's Health And Safety Meeting - The Office US

He also said that, at its core, ethical business conduct is aapproach based on principles or valuesin the way an organization works. In other words, companies that value the safety and well-being of their employees.oughtMaking safety at work an ethical responsibility.

With 8 years of experience developing and implementing plans to establish a culture of health and safety, Thomas responded that workplace safety is an ethical responsibility, adding:“That responsibility falls on everyone in the workplace.”

he claimed“Anyone who takes responsibility means accepting and understanding the importance of their role, protecting themselves and others. Once every individual agrees with it, that would mean in practicebe conscientiousthrough the following security protocols,be proactiveon the identification of problems and their immediate notification to the chain of command, andbe preparedgo the extra mile when needed.”

One of Thomas' workplace safety tips for management is to empower and encourage workers to speak up to address safety concerns.“as the local people areoften the first to noticea matter in the making.Are here4 Leadership Steps to Build a Better Safety Culture and Improve Employee Mindsets.

4.Go beyond preventing incidents and mitigating risks

a few years ago,51%of employees said management is doing only the minimum required by law to ensure employee safety. Empower more than half of your organizationstillshare the same opinion about you?

While Thomas conceded that there is no sure way to prevent all types of injuries and incidents in all possible scenarios, he reiterated that themostof injuries and incidents can be prevented when everyone in the workplace takes personal responsibility for their role in it, and when the company itself takes responsibilityalertYconscientiouson creating and maintaining a safe work environment and encourage their teams to do the same.

Holubeck said many companies go beyond regulations to keep employees safe. “Some companies have their union association, for exampleoffer free trainingon safety issues to employees, which also happensreduce your insurance premiums.“

His workplace safety tips for going beyond basic safety arehave a weekly or daily morning meetingwhere security is discussed andcreate a checklistthe areas and equipment to be examined, when they should be examined, and a system for documenting the examination.

Consider digitizing your checklists and automating workflows, reports, and records. Here it isThe ROI of digital auditsto help you decide.

5.Show how important workplace safety is to you every day

“Businesses mustFocus on creating a culture that values ​​safety, which includes regular safety reviews, accident/injury reports, and proper procedures.”Holubeck said. Companies without a trained security professional may benefit from hiring or assigning someone to perform these tasks if the company does not have the resources to hire a full or part-time employee or consultant.

In addition, he demanded“Businesses mustHelp employees see the importance of reporting(meaning someone could get hurt) and discipline employees who fail to report a safety condition or incident. [because] sometimes employees are afraid to report another employee who has not properly followed safety procedures or appears to be intoxicated."

(Video) Warehouse Safety Tips - 1) Understand your risks

Thomas sea,create a cohesive team that works well togetherit also supports a safe work environment as each team member personally invests in one another and commits to doing their part to keep the workplace and the safety of others.

"It all dependsappreciation of your employees, and this is a constantly evolving process, which means that employers mustfind more and more wayspromote safety in the workplace,Blasi said.

he continued“While there is still work to be done around the world to improve workplace safety, the environment is improving and I believe this trend will long as employers make workplace safety a core part of their values.“

ADDITIONAL Workplace Safety Tip: Be Aware and Welcome Feedback

Everyone in the workplace is responsible for safety. It is important to ensure that employees receive the proper training. But there is another thing to pay attention to, and that is feedback.

In ourInvestiga con YouGov, found that the majority of frontline workers in the US, UK and Australia felt they werenever, rarely or only sometimes heardwhen it comes to issues that concern them: operations, safety, and health/wellness.

Top 5 workplace safety tips from industry experts (4)

Why is it important to take care of your employees?

At the Made Extraordinary Summit, speaker Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, encourages leaders to do just that."Don't listen to debate, listen to understand."

Your employees often know the job better than you do. When talking about security, it's always good to include your employees in the conversation. After all, it is their lives that are at stake when security protocols fail. Paying attention to their input makes a difference.

Effective communication promotes safety in the workplace. In fact, it found that 55% of Americans, 64% of the UK and 59% of AU field workers agree that open communication is key to improving processes. When employees know they are being heard, they are more likely to do so.speak and address important issuesfirst of all. This way you avoid making things worse and causing irreparable damage.

Finally, we would like to quote Paul Crawford, Infravision's Director of Operations:

(Video) Best chemical safety practices

“We have to learn every day, and what is critical in developing this type of culture is the ability to report it, empower our employees to give us that feedback, and track how we improve the workplace and our product".

Ready to put these workplace safety tips to work? Download pre-made health and safety checklists for these different health and safety topics:

  • Toolbox Conversational Discussion Checklist
  • Avoid slips, trips and falls in the office
  • chemical safety
  • fall protection
  • Further

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