Top 8 Digital Signage Companies in Singapore and APAC Region - 2023 (2023)

Companies are increasingly using digital signage to communicate between employees and consumers. In this blog, we uncover eight of the best digital signage providers in Singapore and the APAC region. Pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with signage technology, these brands offer advanced equipment and creative software solutions.

Why is Singapore and APAC the most preferred market for digital signage?

The global digital signage market is estimated to reach $27.8 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 11.2%. APAC, a major contributor, has seen rapid growth in the adoption of e-signage in retail outlets, transport hubs and offices in the public and private sectors, increasing the demand for digital signage systems over the past few years.

The most lucrative markets include countries such as Singapore, Japan, India and South Korea. Recently, one of the largest Japanese MNCs, Nippon Electric Companyapplied digital signage technologyfor building an intelligent passenger information system for the public bus rapid transit system.

There are several reasons for this boom. Firstly, the economic growth in these countries creates the right conditions for the advertising industry

Additionally, these countries have robust data protection policies to protect private data from hacking threats or unauthorized access. Leading digital signage companies in Singapore, India and Japan are required to comply with these technical safety regulations.

In addition, implementation costs are lower than the global average, making this region one of the most important places to look for signage suppliers and customers.

Top 5 Digital Signage Companies in Singapore

In this section, we introduce Digital Signage solution providers who have made an impact in Singapore's fast-growing technology market.

HMC Group

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HMC Group, the French digital magnate IntuiLabs based in Singapore, uses the company's technology to create and analyze interactive digital experiences that connect people and places.

IntuiFace, digital signage software, enables its customers to create and operate interactive presentations, kiosks and other electronic media without programming knowledge.

The "intuitive" drag-and-drop functionality of the original software makes it easy for users to design and follow interactive experiences in real time. HMC customizations streamline clicks and gestures and track time spent on each screen, giving businesses an accurate picture of how customers interact with their content.

Professional:The highlight of IntuiFace is its code-free software that gives you complete creative freedom with a 3-step approach:

  • Create - Start with a blank canvas, resize, add any media, and change features as needed.

  • Organize - Once you're done designing, set triggers, timers, and animated actions for any element to create an immersive interactive experience.

  • Connect - Create live connections to external devices and cloud services. Connect to the API without writing any code! Just connect to supported connectors and publish!

If:It can be difficult to navigate as it requires a full understanding of the software. Although it is user-friendly, it is necessary to be familiar with the features and implementation in depth.

Price-list:Genuine software comes with a 28-day free trial including Essential, Premier and Enterprise plans ranging from SGD 1,300 to SGD 3,100.

Ascension star

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Image credit: Ascenstar

Ascenstar is a rising name in the Singapore signage circle and provides plenty of digital display options. From LED video walls, information boards, digital menu boards, interactive touch screens anddigital building catalogsto amazing transparent LED walls, Ascenstar has it all! These displays come in a variety of dimensions, resolutions and aspect ratios, making them suitable for a variety of applications. Their high-quality images help capture customers' attention and increase interaction.

Professional:Buy monitors directly from the Ascenstar website by visiting their store and comparing monitor prices according to your choice and requirements. Wall mounts and content players are also available and some are priced at SDG 0.

If:The costs of self-installation and learning the full functionality of the screen/players. Not all products listed are available in store.

Price-list:Specific requirements. Some products are free to use.


Headquartered in Singapore, neosys goes beyond digital signage. In addition to being a leading player in outdoor digital billboard services, the company has AI tools such as mail, print and office automation, as well as NEO Smart Air air purifiers with a 360-degree filter system.

Their range of billboards includes displays in various sizes such as mini billboards, standing LCD billboards, portable billboards and wall mounts. Each is of high quality and offers touchscreen interactivity and remote control of content, facilitating the dissemination of advertisements and other information.

Professional:The company offers a free trial of all products along with free delivery, advice, training and maintenance.

If:Some of them may not meet the site requirements or costs depending on the size of the company.

Taken:The boards are not available for sale on the website and you should contact the company for more information.

Media Avitcom

Avitcom is a focused professional team of professionals who deliver high quality audiovisual products and solutions. They offer a wide range of audiovisual rental and staging tools for congresses, events and companies and have over 15 years of experience.

From projectors, LCD screens, audio equipment and more, Avitcom has created unique solutions for businesses and retailers.

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Image credit: Avitcom

Professional:Offers wireless presentation options using smart projectors and video wall solutions.

If:There are no clear instructions for use on the website for the products offered.

Price-list:Tailored to the customer's requirements


Starting as an AV integration for hospitality TVs in 2012, Uniconnect Systems is a complete IT integrator providing excellent products and services including custom furniture for various projects. This is due to their experience in the production of wood, metal and glass products.

Digital signage display providers have one particular idea - technology that speaks for itself.

Professional:Bespoke content creation, server/internet management and software-based solutions.

If:Undisclosed pricing or trial periods can lead customers to assume they lack transparency.

Price-list:Tailored to specific needs.

Three new digital signage providers in the APAC region worth checking out!

Not only in Singapore but throughout the APAC region, many new players are entering the market and they are as good if not ahead of the existing technology! Let's take a look at the top three digital signage providers today.


Top 8 Digital Signage Companies in Singapore and APAC Region - 2023 (4)

Cloud-based pickcel andlocal digital signage solutionshelp companies manage and display dynamic media on screens. The SOC-2 certified company offers various services such as real-time monitoring, remote control of devices, content scheduling, etc.

The brand also offers solutions such as a digital menu board, a digital notice board, a social wall, queue management, transport PIS (e.g.

The powerful software is supported on all kinds of hardware such as billboards, interactive kiosks, video walls as well as smaller devices such as tablet screens. The Pickcel application is hardware neutral, meaning it is supported on Android, Windows, macOS and most standard graphics player operating systems.

Pickcel has a reputation in the market for providing highly flexible customization options, such as creating new content apps, integrating with third-party tools, and more.

In addition, Pickcel supports zmanaged servicessuch as remote maintenance and upkeep and content management.

The clientele includes some of the most well-known players in the industry, such as Amazon, Decathlon, Uber, NEC, Etisalat and Mercedes, to name a few.

With several recognized partners in South Korea, Japan and India, Pickcel is one of themfastest growing playersin the global market for digital signage.

Professional:Thethe software is highly configurablemaking it suitable for any company's needs. It offers a variety of design tools (including a built-in branding tool, Artboard, 100+ professional templates, and 60+ authoring apps) to help you create content faster, as well as simplify content publishing and management.

If:There is a need to improve digital signage analytics that measure the absolute accuracy of interactions.

Price-list:14 daysfree trial period. Monthly fee of $15/month and $13.5/month for annual subscription will apply after this date. Business plans include extra features starting at $25/month or $22.5/month when billed annually.

NTT group

System-specific and network-specific/cross-media digital signage have been designated as types of digital signage that the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Group considers to be an excellent application for their Next Generation Network (NGN).

To increase the use of NGN and find new revenue streams for business, NTT is building the latter kind. For digital web signage that can be targeted to business complexes and personal devices such as mobile phones and laptops, they focus on metadata distribution, integration and ad performance measurement technologies.

Professional:The company is in the process of developing an infrastructure that goes beyond traditional DOOH.

If:No clear indication of when they will launch the signage technology that is being developed.

Price-list:Still in development

Display and lifetime (DAL)

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Headquartered in Seoul, DAL has several unique features that make it a trendsetter in the South Korean digital signage market. There are many products available, from custom digital whiteboards and display solutions to 3D assembly, competitive pricing and advanced display design. Among their unique products are transparent and flexible O-LED displays with a custom radius that allow viewers to view the content on the screen while admiring the scenery in the background.

Professional:Multi-touch screens detect and respond to multiple touch points, allowing viewers to control the screen with gestures such as to pinch, stroke and press.

If:There is no information on the website regarding the installation, use or maintenance of the product.

Price-list:Tailored as needed.

Goodbye words

There is no doubt that signage solutions are enjoying increasing interest around the world and there are now innovations on the market that are worth it. You need to keep up with these five new trends so that technology never beats you in the digital signage game!

  • AI-powered digital signage solutions are gaining ground with real-time content customization and automation capabilities.

  • The growing number of interactive touch screens can help engage customers through digital signage analytics.

  • QR codes and displays that support NFC tags allow potential recipients to communicate with Digital Signage displays without contact.

  • Digital signage screen enhancements such as curved and transparent screens for greater visual impact and flexibility in the presentation of your content.

  • Increased emphasis on back-end analytics that use natural language processing methods to monitor and optimize the effectiveness of digital signage campaigns.

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