What languages does Cristiano Ronaldo speak?• Happily (2023)

As one of the best soccer players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo, or CR7, as he is known, is famous worldwide.The question is: what languages Ronaldo speaks and how many in total?We dive and discover more!

Either to break the goals records, bring championships home or as a brand ambassador to some of the largest brands on the planet, you don't have to be a football fan to know who Cristiano Ronaldo is.

Being a family name and having played in clubs throughout Europe, it is not surprising that Ronaldo speaks several languages.Then, we dive and discover what languages he speaks fluently (and not so fluently).

What languages do Ronaldo speak?

Ronaldo speaks four languages:Portuguese, English,Español, EItalian.As a European citizen, it is not uncommon to grow by speaking several languages, especially having English as a second language (which is a great reasonI love live here!))

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While Ronaldo played in many important European leagues for different clubs, it is not surprising to know several languages.He is fluid in the Portuguese, English and Spanish and, although he can understand the Italian, he prefers to conduct media interviews in one of his three languages fluently.

His eldest son also speaks the four languages, emphasizing the importance that Ronaldo puts in the learning of several languages.This will definitely have helped with the seasonal change that generally comes from being a professional football player.

Here is a short video that shows Messi talking about the four languages mentioned above, in addition to knowing some phrases in Russian:

What is Ronaldo's native language?

By growing in Funchal, the capital of the beautiful island of Madeira, Ronaldo's native language is Portuguese.In fact, Ronaldo has been captain of the Portuguese national team since 2003, almost twenty years, which is crazy for a football player and especially, for an attacker!

What languages does Cristiano Ronaldo speak?• Happily (1)

During this period, Ronaldo became the player more riding in Portugal and the biggest goalkeeper and led the team to win the European Championship 2016. It is not a bad set of records, right?

Despite the proximity of Portugal to Spain, the Portuguese language is not similar to Spanish.It has many Arab influences due to the proximity of North Africa.It is much crossing among the common European languages, but it is not so similar to Spanish and Italian.

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There is also a variation between the European Portuguese and the Brazilian Portuguese, both quite different, especially when it comes to pronunciation.

Why does Ronaldo speak Italian?

There are some reasons why Ronaldo can speakItalian.First, his proximity to Spain, where he spent much of his career, and the fact that Italy is a holiday destination sought among the rich and famous, may have taken him to learn some words and phrases.

It is more likely that you have recently touched some seasons on the side of series A, Juventus, which is based on Turin, northern Italy.His list of tasks.

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Is Ronaldo fluid in Italian?

Although there are Ronaldo clips that speaks a lot about Italian, Ronaldo himself says he does not speak Italian fluently.He can understand the language well, but he really prefers to conduct interviews in English, Spanish or Portuguese to avoid any failure of communication and power to give complete answers the questions.

Is Ronaldo fluid in English?

On the other hand, Ronaldo speaks English fluently, such as many Europeans.Throughout Europe, English is taught together with native languages from an early age to create bi or trilingual societies.

Since English is the most spoken language of the world, it is not surprising that Ronaldo, with his ability to languages, is fluent by English.

United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, Manchester United is not what they were and has been fighting since he lost his legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson for his retirement in 2013. Rumors say that Ronaldo is trying to return to the continent to play, but Manchester United noYou can luxury the star IR.

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What football player speaks more languages?

Ronaldo is impressive, to be able to speak four languages, but there are some soccer players that are larger polyglots.Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku, who was a rival of Ronaldo's Golden Boot during his time in series A, appears as eight languages.

When he was born in Belgium for Congolese parents, Lukaku grew up speaking a combination of Congolese, French and Lingala language, a Bantu language.

When he went to school, he learned English and Spanish, in addition to taking some Dutch due to the border of the Netherlands, and Flamengo, the traditional language of Belgium.

When he made his professional debut for Anderlecht, he had seven languages in his name.The eighth came from having so many Brazilian teammates who made sense to learn Portuguese and increase their language learning list.

Similarly, the Swedish striker and the general character, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, speaks six languages and can understand sign language and is fluid in Braille.

The six languages you can talk about areSwedish, English,Español, Bosnia,French, EItalianThis is a wide variety of languages, as well as two very important and inclusive languages that few people can understand.

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How do football players learn so many languages?

As elite soccer players, you end up traveling around the world to gyms, tournaments and alloys and you will probably also transfer several times throughout your career.The result is that you should be able to quickly integrate into the new environment.

Football L is a team sport; therefore, if you can't understand your teammates and coaches, you can't play the best you can.

It also helps to speak with the media and fans so that they can win them and win this necessary support inside and outside the field.Most clubs have performers, it is a long way to speak the language of the club.

Soccer players learn many languages that have access to intensive language courses, since they know they are moving to a new club or league.

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It is of interest to all that each player has at least basic knowledge and understanding of the language.In some cases, such as Germany, which is a great football nation, the visas of work depend on having a basic knowledge of the language.

Essentially, football players, due to their state and wealth, have many more resources at their disposal than most of us when it comes to learning a new language.

Think that if your work sent it to an office in another country for a year or more, you hope you play some kinds of languages to help with integration players.The soccer is no different.Affirmal, this is your job!

Cristiano Ronaldo speaks 4 languages, how many do you say?

Then Cristiano Ronaldo speaks four languages in total and speaks three of them, his native, Spanish and English Portuguese.With the fourth language, Italian, Ronaldo says that although he can understand the Italian that he prefers to speak one of the other three.

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